Russ Taylor, McKenna Linn, & Tyche

McKenna Linn and I have sailed off into the sunset aboard Tyche. Named after the Greek godess of capricious fortune (dumb luck), Tyche is an Island Packet 29.

Links to Tyche's Travels

Tyche Launched
Pensacola to Panama City
Panama City to Cedar Key
Cedar Key and on to Hudson

-- email:

Rusty just graduated from Western Carolina University and is headed to the Air Force in April. We got to go shooting while I was there for graduation....much fun!

Rusty looking happy after graduating!!! See, I do own one pair of long pants...used only on very special occasions!

Rusty's two handed paper punch...very effective!

The Thatchers - David, Charlie, Lynn, and Will sailing aboard Tyche in Tampa Bay 5/29/07 with Captain McKenna at the helm. It was a great day to be sailing!

Charlie and Will...two sailors ready to go!

A great breeze and Charlie has it under control!

Hi Ho it's the sailor's life for me!

On the bow watching out for dolphins!

Went to the beach where David cooked a great meal.... then we took a walk on the beach!

McKenna and her grand-nephew Josh at the wheel

Josh is ready with the jib sheet